September 15, 2013

kestrel_9_13_by_whirlwynd-d6lsfz4I’ve been at my new place a little over a week now. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get out and explore much because HOLY CRAP the sky decided it wanted to outright drown the Front Range. It has been raining for the better part of the week and I am very very lucky that I did not move to a place near any rivers or lakes. I didn’t actually see any of the flooding myself. Most of the bridges out of town were closed and so was the main freeway. We were instructed to stay home if possible, I don’t believe I’ve seen that since the Groundhog’s Day snowstorm a few years ago in Milwaukee.

I’ spent my time stuck here unpacking, which is now done, and catching up on animation. Also I drew a few things, like that picture of Kestrel up there. I also saw a presentation by the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program — they had two golden eagles with them!

September 9 2013

parkpano98 (640x243)

So a bunch of posts went into storage again because I’m expecting new visitors. Hi people I know in real life!

I just made my move to Colorado. So far it’s been OK. That picture up there is the park near my new place. Once I get everything unpacked and my papers in order I’m taking a little time off to just decompress and maybe explore. It’s going to be perfect weather for indoor work this week, looks rainy and chilly for the next few days.

Right now I’m just boggled by how many people live here and how I don’t know any of them x_x It’s the strangest feeling in the world.

Also, Chapter 12 of 20 Galaxies is now up.

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